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Get ahead in the game





This program gives high schools students the chance to gain industry and organizational knowledge through daily interactions and assignments prior to high school graduation. The student experience combines hands-on training with the opportunity to develop stronger leadership, organization, communication and time management skills. Being part of such program can be added to a student's resume for college admissions, internships, etc. 


At the end of a student's time in the program, VYPE will provide each senior student with a VYPE branded portfolio that showcases all their work (photos, articles, etc). A hard copy and digital copy will be given to the student at NO cost. 


Students will be working with, guided by, and introduced to a number of industry professionals. Whether a seasons journalist, an on camera talent, or business professionals, VYPE will ensure each student has the opportunity to grow their network and build relationships that will help each student moving forward. 


A student who has been in the program for one consecutive school year and is in good standing ( Points), can apply for the VYPE U Ambassador Scholarship. Applications will be sent out individually March 1st, 2020. Winners will be announced/contacted April 1st, 2020 and recognized at the Annual VYPE Awards Banquet. Invitations will be sent to students. 

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